Wearable Contemporary Ritual Tools

To connect your inner self to Cosmic Nature.
Let the transformation begins now.

Ascension Collection

A collection of colourful raw crystals of different manifesting energies, set in minimalistic ring made of 925 sterling silver, to Resonate with the best version of yourself.

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Destiny Collection

Your wearable contemporary ritual tools,that works as a great energy amplifier. A selection of natural untreated double terminated quartz of different origins, set in minimalistic ring made of 925 sterling silver.

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Bespoke Collection

Made-to-order jewellery with your personal touch.

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  • Elena, Russia

    “I love these rough stones and minimalist designs.  that each ring is a jewelry full of joy and positive energy of its creator”

  • Florian, Germany

    “Thanks to you and my partner for this amazing birthday gift. The piece and it's carving resonates with me on many levels. It is nice  and decent but still big enough to look maskulin on a male hand.”

  • Aurora, Romania

    “I am a big fan of crystals so when I saw the simple yet beautiful design of the rings from NobleSilence I knew I had to get one. I choose the Herkimer diamond one and I simply love it. Simple, natural and powerfull.Bonus: the owners ManChien and Makin are both amazing, funny and kind people!”

  • Esmeralda, Spain

    “Thanks to their adaptable rings I can empower my pinky with a wonderful raw moonstone. Gorgeous!!”

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