Jewellery in a little Indian spice box.

Jewellery in a little Indian spice box.

We believe in Reuse and Recycle. 

Our rings are packed and delivered to customers in a curated sustainable packaging, inspired by Indian's everyday life.

During a trip to India, we noticed edible were served in various disposable containers, which are bio-degradable and made with resources found in nature. Rice on banana leafs. Plates made out of areca nut leafs. Straws made out of coconut leafs. The integrations of sustainable packaging in India are inspiring.


The Dabba

To honour the birth place of the Light Collection raw stone rings, we decided to source packaging locally in India, which fits to be an accessible everyday container, practically durable, at the same time represents common culture in India.

We stumbled across this shinny little stainless steel box in a local market, the Indians call it dabba, which is generally used for storing cooking spices. We fell for it at first sight, what could be a more robust protection than this little stainless steel round box?

It's perfectly reusable.

Coconut Coir

We opt for natural materials for impact and moisture absorber during harsh shipment, coconut coirs, a commonly found natural material in India, and other tropical regions. The long fibres would save us time shredding recycled papers for stuffing, at the same time protect the rings from impact and moist.

Upon receiving the rings, there's so much you could make use with this versatile fibre. In India, the locals would use them as bath scrubs, soil mix to improve drainage, and many more.

Environment sustainability needed our mindful acts.
Let us do this together.