Ring Size Guide



There are 2 easy ways you may use to find out what is your perfect ring size,
1) by matching your existing ring size to our Coin Sizing Guide, or
2) by measuring your finger size.

To ensure this guide works as precise as possible, please preset printer setting to: - A4 size paper,
- Scaling as “Do Not Scale”, or “Scale to 100%”.

You may check the print scale by placing a credit card on the line below. The credit card should align when the guide is printed correctly.





Noble Silence rings are made in US standard size.
To find out your perfect ring size, use an existing ring which fits you well.

Place ring on the Coin Sizing Chart on the right bar.
The inner circle of the ring should match the white area of the circle guide.
When the ring size matches, you should only see the white area, without the beige line around. If your ideal fit falls between two sizes, we recommend to opt for the larger size.

The bold number indicates the ring size, the smaller number at its bottom indicates the inner ring diameter.
For example:


If your existing ring doesn’t lay flat on the chart due to projected stone setting, this may causes inaccurate finding of ring size. You may make folding along the dotted line,
to allow the ring base sits flat on the chart for more accurate reading.



Carefully cut along the outline of ruler.
Make a slit on the indicated line to allow tapered end to slide through.

To measure, wrap ruler around your finger, and pull the tapared end through the slit. The tape should fit comfortably around your finger.
Take the ring size reading closest to the slit.


Please note that this guide is for reference only. Noble Silence cannot be held liable for any errors that occur at result of using this chart. To find your perfect ring, visit noblesilence.space, or contact noblesilenceshop@gmail.com for further assistance.